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Poster Horse welcomes you to the land of fashion, clothing, and beauty. Our blog is all about the latest fashion trends and we not only share news and information about the latest fashion trends but also showcase some really cool stuff in our online boutique, such as LuLaRoe Leggings. We are all about comfortable clothing.

Sarah Lularoe leggings

If you are a lularoe lover you must be in love with the lularoe leggings and lularoe sarah. These two items are Lularoe’s most sold and most loved ones when we look at customer preferences and shopping history.

Lularoe is a brand which is known for its comfort and trendiness. People get addicted to this clothing because it is literally what everyone wants and is on their clothing goals list. We all want to look trendy, cool and up-to-date. Fashion is something which provides us a sense of acceptance in the society and we feel loved and accepted when we look trendy.

The two issues which one faces when wanting to look trendy is that the fashionable trendy and chic looking clothes are not always really comfortable and we end up looking fabulous but our expressions and body languages give the secret away that we are feeling uncomfortable.

The other big issue is the cost we have to pay to buy some trendy clothing. The clothes which look good usually cost us a fortune and most people are heartbroken by the fact that they cannot afford some good looking stylish clothes because they are too expensive.

Lularoe solves these two issues and brings a line of clothing which in stylish and trendy, comfortable and cheap all at the same time. Anyone can afford the lularoe clothes and be stylish yet comfortable.

The Sarah is a cute cardigan which can be worn paired with many other pieces of clothing but pairing them up with the lularoe leggings is the latest trend. People go for a basic t-shirt or top over which they wear the Sarah and the lularoe leggings. The Sarah is a long cardigan with no buttons and pockets on the sides which fall down just below the knee. It looks incredibly trendy with lularoe leggings.

For a fun look for college or casual occasions, you can pull off the sarah lularoe leggings look and be trendy and stylish. Along with these, you can wear a basic button down long shirt, a crop and a skirt, or a short dress. You can pair the look up with some accessories like scarfs, boots, trendy long necklaces and so much more.

The sarah lularoe leggings look is just perfect for the cool days. You can layer up as much as you want and still be trendy. The Sarah is soft and the texture provides warmth to your bodies on the cool breezy days. The lularoe leggings also come in different thickness and textures which are soft but also keep you warm too.

You can play along with the Sarah and lularoe leggings as much as you want. You can go for different colours. Play with bright or neutral shades. Pair up printer patterns and basics and work your way through the wide variety of prints and colours. You can be creative and design several cool and stylish looks.

One thing which cannot be denied is that no matter which looks you come up with you will look classy, you will feel comfortable and it will be light in your pocket.

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Lularoe pop-up

The lularoe pop-up craze is hitting everyone by the storm. Ladies from everywhere are going crazy over these pop-ups and love to go and shop around. Lularoe has a consultancy program which anyone can join and start working with Lularoe as a retailer. The ladies who become lularoe consultants can get the lularoe products and do pop-up sales in and around their neighborhoods. This makes the ladies around in their neighborhood get their hands on the latest items by lularoe and enjoy one of the best clothing at a cheap rate.

The process works like this that the host of the pop-up works alongside a lularoe fashion consultant and sets a date for the pop-up. The ladies in her vicinity, her family, friends, and colleagues are invited to the pop-up. On the set date, a sale is set up at the home of the host with lularoe clothing items in racks and all. The major benefit of this is that the ladies don’t have to go far off and the clothes literally come to them. They can shop all they want in the comfort of a friend’s or neighbor’s home and shop until their hearts are contented.

The drawback with online shopping is that you have to wait for weeks to get your clothes so the ladies prefer to go to these pop-up sales in their vicinity so they can go home with their clothes instantly and also are able to test the fabric and look at the clothing in real while purchasing it. This is also not possible when shopping online. Another advantage is that they don’t have to pay some big shipment charges too.

If you are someone who wants to start a business with lularoe and do your own pop ups then you can apply to become a lularoe consultant. Once you apply you have to wait in the lularoe queue for 6-8 weeks while your application is processed and you are made a consultant. Meanwhile, you can plan to setup your business.

For lularoe pop-ups you would require some supplies like garment racks, hangers, bags, etc. While you wait you can get these supplies so that you can get started straight away. You can get business cards made and design a website or blog through which you can advertise your pop up and gather people. You can get some invitations designed for future use.

You should pen down the strategy which you will take to gather as many people as you can for your pop up sales. Look at some marketing strategies and design one for yourself. Planning is the key to making your events successful. Another thing to do is pre-plan how you will accommodate the people who will come to your pop-ups. What space you will use. Do you have to rent a community center or a hall at a restaurant or you can just do it at your home in your backyard. Think about everything in detail, make plans and be ready to host your first popup as soon as you become a lularoe consultant.

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Lularoe Lola

The Lularoe Lola is a beautiful midi skirt which falls fashionably below the knee. The skirt is made up of lace or chiffon and has a lining underneath it. The lining is 4 inches shorter than the actual skirt itself and this adds visual interest to the skirt’s lace options. It also adds fullness and weight to ensure it looks pretty.

The Lularoe lola has gotten immensely great reviews from its happy customers who believe that it is super cute and flattering at the same time. It is a beautiful skirt with a beautiful fall. The number one thing which the customers love about the lularoe lola is that it fits perfectly. We all die for that incredibly pretty hourglass shape and the lularoe lola provides just the perfect hourglass shape to your body when you pair it up with a t-shirt tucked in or a crop top. The resulting look is super fab and everyone is in love with it.

Lularoe lola can be both dressed up or dressed down depending upon what look you want to go for and what things you pair it with. You can pair them up with some wedges or sandals and head to a dance party straight away.

One of the favourite combinations which the customers love is pairing up their favourite t-shirt with the lularoe lola. It provides a perfect cover up to your body even if you don’t like your body shape and gives you a smooth conservative yet cute look to dig for.

Another popular pair up is the crop top and lola combo which is the perfect summer look. The crop tops look perfect with the high waisted lola and make you get obsessed with this look in the summers. For the hot summer days, this look is just right. You can feel light and comfy in these. It is perfect for your summer parties and beach days.

The next combination can be pairing the lularoe lola with converse to get the sock hop ready look. Putting these two together takes you back to the 1950s times. So anyone who wants to get a 50s inspired look should definitely go for a lularoe lola.

For one classy broad look, you can pair your lularoe lola with a cardigan. Yes, It looks really pretty and brings together a nice cool look. This look is best for work or even a weekend festival. You can add a pop of colour to your outfit to brighten up your day and feel great. You can go for plain cardigans in any colour and you can also experiment with patterned ones too. Be creative and explore a bit outside your comfort zones!

If you are the ultimate lularoe lover then go ahead and pair your lularoe lola with the lularoe Irma because this equals “Perfection”. You will have a legit love affair with this look. The knotted Irma compliments the flirty Lola and gives you a perfect look for date nights with your loved one or a fun night out at the bar with your girlfriends.

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Lularoe queue

Lularoe is a brand which is loved by women everywhere. Lularoe offers a consultancy program in which anyone can become a Lularoe consultant and become a Lularoe fashion retailer. If you are someone who wants to become a part of the Lularoe movement and bring a pop-up boutique then you can apply to become one but once you apply you will enter what is called the Lularoe queue.

On average it will take about 6 to 8 weeks for you to become a lularoe consultant and in this time you have to wait in a virtual queue. Now, this seems like a long time to wait but there can be a lot of things which you can do while you wait in a queue to became a lularoe consultant. Today we are going to tell you all that you need to know about the things you can do while you wait in a lularoe queue.

If you are planning to open a lularoe home pop-up sale/boutique then here are some of the things which you need to buy while you wait in the lularoe queue.

Garment Racks

The first and most important thing which you need to buy is garment racks. For pop-up sales at your home, you must go for collapsible garment racks. Go for commercial grade ones so that they can handle the wear and tear for long times. You can find some really cheap and good ones at amazon.


The next thing you need is a hanger for the clothes. When buying hangers try to find the ones which are thin so they do not take much space on the racks and are of good quality. Buy some velvet ones to hang the dresses. In addition to the clothes hangers, you should also get your hands on some skirts hangers. The skirt hangers must have plastic clips because the metal ones are not so good and snag the clothes. However, if you believe that buying them will add some big numbers to your budget then you can just use the simple clothes hangers and put the skirts on them by folding them over the bottom of the hangers.

Garment Bags

The next thing you will need is garment bags. These garment bags will be needed when you have to transport the clothes. You can find some really good bags at a cheaper rate by visiting IKEA and asking for their Frakta Bags. These are great for transporting the clothes while they are still on the hangers which greatly help you to set up your pop-up sales.

An Internet Device

You would require using a laptop/computer to use the online checkout system. Make sure you have some device with a good internet connection. The device internet should be tested before you go for your pop-up sale to avoid any unwanted issues.

Shopping Bags

Last but not the least, you will need shopping bags. These shopping bags are for your customers and you can give the products they bought from you to your customers in the shopping bags.

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Lularoe price list

When we think about Lularoe, we instantly think about some really comfortable pieces of clothing with can look really trendy as well and are affordable as well. If you look at the latest Lularoe price list you will notice that the range of clothing items is somewhere in between $20 to $65. It can be said that the Lularoe price list is made by keeping all the items under $100. Lularoe is building up its identity in the women fashion industry based on three main characteristics which are the comfort, style, and affordability. Anyone can enjoy the lularoe clothing because it lives up to these three characteristics and what else can one ask for in clothes when you are getting all these three?

The Lularoe price list is designed in a way to fit your budget and provide you with some comfy and trendy clothing. If you are a lover of clothing then lularoe is the perfect choice for you. Every item is uniquely trendy and stylish and looks really good. The comfort is incredible as well. The fact that you can get both incredible comfiness and incredible stylishness on the budget makes every customer of lularoe incredibly happy.

Lularoe price list was designed especially for women. Women who work and have jobs, the women who are business women, the women who work in offices and workplaces, the women from all walks of life, the women who stay at home or are housewives, Lularoe is for all these women. Women who have to do it all. They have to work and juggle with responsibilities of both work and home. The women who have to bring a balance between home and work and take care of both in great order. Lularoe is made to help them in satisfying themselves with the comfort of good clothes which make them look more beautiful and trendier at a cheap affordable rate.

The average price of all lularoe items is about $35. For just $35, you can find almost anything to satisfy your clothing hunger. You can find most of the items under this price. Dresses might cost for a little more than $35. Other than that if you are going for leggings or kids clothes then you will easily find them for less than $35.

If you look at the leggings section of the lularoe price list we see that the price range is $20 to $85. The kid’s leggings and tween leggings are available for $23. The one size and the tall & curvy are $25. The Jade is $55 and Jordan is $85.

The shirt section has price range starting from $35 and going up to $42. The Classic T, Irma, and Randy are available for $35. The Mark shirt is available for $42. Perfect T is for $36 and Patrick is for $36.

The dress section is a little expensive ranging up to $85. Amelia being the most expensive dress which is $85. Ana is $60, Carly is $55, Julia is $45 and Nicole is $48. So for dresses, you require somewhere from $45 to $85.

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Lula roe Sarah

Cardigans are one of the necessary parts of any wardrobe. These are some light weight garments which are typically open from the front and are button-downs. However, the modern versions of the cardigans are open from the front and have no buttons on them. They hang open from the front. This piece of garment holds its historical roots in the Great Britain. The British military officers used to wear waistcoats during the war and cardigans were modeled after them.

Cardigans became popular around the 1930s. They were named after a British Army Major General who led the army in the battle of balaclava in the Crimean war. After the success of the war, he gained fame and the cardigans also became popular. From the early 1930s to 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s, the cardigans were the roaring fashion of the twenties and the college students. Now they have gained fame again and become a popular fashion trend.

The cardigans are usually plain and worn over shirts. They are also worn inside jackets to get a formal look replacing the waistcoat or vest.

The reason of the cardigan becoming popular is that it’s a really versatile piece of clothing. Due to the versatility, cardigans can be worn on both the formal and casual occasions. They are most popularly worn during the cold weather but can also be worn in any other season too. Cardigans come in all different colours, sleeved and vest forms, with or without buttons.

Lularoe Sarah cardigans are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can own. Lularoe keeps its image of being the provider of comfy clothing in every item they make and these are no exception. The Lularoe Sarah cardigans are the new fashion trend because they are incredibly light weight and are also cozy. They are the latest layering piece to add to your collection and you can pair them up and wear them without being hot.

The Lularoe Sarah cardigans are long cardigans which hit around the mid-calf when you wear them. They feature cropped sleeves. These types of sleeves allow for easy movement and also give you quite a flattering shape and silhouette. It is great to be worn on cool days and is great in cold weather because they are knitted sweater which gives them texture and also adds to the warmth. This makes them a great choice to be worn on those starting chilly days of winter. It is neither too cool nor too warm. It is somewhere in between and cannot be worn alone on extremely cold days.

The Lularoe Sarah is loosely woven and this makes it really comfortable to wear. It can be paired up to be worn over your favourite t-shirt. It can also act as a swimsuit cover too. You can wear it over your dress. It looks nice and gives you a casual look if worn paired with a printed long shirt and a neutral black blouse. They can also be worn paired with your favourite crop top and jeans. For a college inspired twenties look you can pair it up with some leggings, a crop top, and some accessories.

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Orange leggings

Leggings are a tricky thing to wear. We don’t always know how to pair them up with some other piece of clothing and Orange is an overpowering colour which is bright as well so it gets a little hard to decide how to perfectly pair up your fine pair of orange leggings with something. If you be just a little creative and look more closely in your wardrobe you can surely come up with some really fabulous looks. Contrary to common belief, Orange is a colour which is quite versatile and it really brings out one of the chicest and trendy looks. The first tip I have for you is to pair up your orange leggings with some neutral colored things. For example, a simple basic black shirt would really cool with orange leggings. The next tip is to pair up your orange leggings with printed pieces of clothing. For example, you can wear a short flower pattern printed dress with your orange leggings. If you are feeling a bit more in love with bright colours you can embrace the purple orange combo and rock your incredibly trendy look.

Neon leggings

If you are confused about the fact that pairing leggings up with anything is tricky then think about pairing neon leggings with anything. Pretty difficult right? The first image that comes to our minds when thinking about wearing neon leggings is that we would look like glow-sticks. However, nothing is impossible and when it comes to fashion you just need to have the eye for it. Fashion designers from all over the world have embraced neon colours and brought about some really cool and trendy looks which can be called the energy drinks of the fashion world. Michael Kors, the world renowned fashion designer stated that wearing neons can give you a Barbie on an acid look. If you want to wear neon leggings, you can pair them up with neutrals like gray, white or black. Wear a black oversized shirt with your neon leggings to get a trendy look. You can also go with some patterned neon leggings too. Recently galactic prints with bright neon shades are really popular and in trend. If you believe that neon makes you look fat then darker neon leggings can give you a slimmer look.

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