Orange leggings

Leggings are a tricky thing to wear. We don’t always know how to pair them up with some other piece of clothing and Orange is an overpowering colour which is bright as well so it gets a little hard to decide how to perfectly pair up your fine pair of orange leggings with something. If you be just a little creative and look more closely in your wardrobe you can surely come up with some really fabulous looks. Contrary to common belief, Orange is a colour which is quite versatile and it really brings out one of the chicest and trendy looks. The first tip I have for you is to pair up your orange leggings with some neutral colored things. For example, a simple basic black shirt would really cool with orange leggings. The next tip is to pair up your orange leggings with printed pieces of clothing. For example, you can wear a short flower pattern printed dress with your orange leggings. If you are feeling a bit more in love with bright colours you can embrace the purple orange combo and rock your incredibly trendy look.

Neon leggings

If you are confused about the fact that pairing leggings up with anything is tricky then think about pairing neon leggings with anything. Pretty difficult right? The first image that comes to our minds when thinking about wearing neon leggings is that we would look like glow-sticks. However, nothing is impossible and when it comes to fashion you just need to have the eye for it. Fashion designers from all over the world have embraced neon colours and brought about some really cool and trendy looks which can be called the energy drinks of the fashion world. Michael Kors, the world renowned fashion designer stated that wearing neons can give you a Barbie on an acid look. If you want to wear neon leggings, you can pair them up with neutrals like gray, white or black. Wear a black oversized shirt with your neon leggings to get a trendy look. You can also go with some patterned neon leggings too. Recently galactic prints with bright neon shades are really popular and in trend. If you believe that neon makes you look fat then darker neon leggings can give you a slimmer look.

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