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Cardigans are one of the necessary parts of any wardrobe. These are some light weight garments which are typically open from the front and are button-downs. However, the modern versions of the cardigans are open from the front and have no buttons on them. They hang open from the front. This piece of garment holds its historical roots in the Great Britain. The British military officers used to wear waistcoats during the war and cardigans were modeled after them.

Cardigans became popular around the 1930s. They were named after a British Army Major General who led the army in the battle of balaclava in the Crimean war. After the success of the war, he gained fame and the cardigans also became popular. From the early 1930s to 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s, the cardigans were the roaring fashion of the twenties and the college students. Now they have gained fame again and become a popular fashion trend.

The cardigans are usually plain and worn over shirts. They are also worn inside jackets to get a formal look replacing the waistcoat or vest.

The reason of the cardigan becoming popular is that it’s a really versatile piece of clothing. Due to the versatility, cardigans can be worn on both the formal and casual occasions. They are most popularly worn during the cold weather but can also be worn in any other season too. Cardigans come in all different colours, sleeved and vest forms, with or without buttons.

Lularoe Sarah cardigans are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can own. Lularoe keeps its image of being the provider of comfy clothing in every item they make and these are no exception. The Lularoe Sarah cardigans are the new fashion trend because they are incredibly light weight and are also cozy. They are the latest layering piece to add to your collection and you can pair them up and wear them without being hot.

The Lularoe Sarah cardigans are long cardigans which hit around the mid-calf when you wear them. They feature cropped sleeves. These types of sleeves allow for easy movement and also give you quite a flattering shape and silhouette. It is great to be worn on cool days and is great in cold weather because they are knitted sweater which gives them texture and also adds to the warmth. This makes them a great choice to be worn on those starting chilly days of winter. It is neither too cool nor too warm. It is somewhere in between and cannot be worn alone on extremely cold days.

The Lularoe Sarah is loosely woven and this makes it really comfortable to wear. It can be paired up to be worn over your favourite t-shirt. It can also act as a swimsuit cover too. You can wear it over your dress. It looks nice and gives you a casual look if worn paired with a printed long shirt and a neutral black blouse. They can also be worn paired with your favourite crop top and jeans. For a college inspired twenties look you can pair it up with some leggings, a crop top, and some accessories.

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