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The Lularoe Lola is a beautiful midi skirt which falls fashionably below the knee. The skirt is made up of lace or chiffon and has a lining underneath it. The lining is 4 inches shorter than the actual skirt itself and this adds visual interest to the skirt’s lace options. It also adds fullness and weight to ensure it looks pretty.

The Lularoe lola has gotten immensely great reviews from its happy customers who believe that it is super cute and flattering at the same time. It is a beautiful skirt with a beautiful fall. The number one thing which the customers love about the lularoe lola is that it fits perfectly. We all die for that incredibly pretty hourglass shape and the lularoe lola provides just the perfect hourglass shape to your body when you pair it up with a t-shirt tucked in or a crop top. The resulting look is super fab and everyone is in love with it.

Lularoe lola can be both dressed up or dressed down depending upon what look you want to go for and what things you pair it with. You can pair them up with some wedges or sandals and head to a dance party straight away.

One of the favourite combinations which the customers love is pairing up their favourite t-shirt with the lularoe lola. It provides a perfect cover up to your body even if you don’t like your body shape and gives you a smooth conservative yet cute look to dig for.

Another popular pair up is the crop top and lola combo which is the perfect summer look. The crop tops look perfect with the high waisted lola and make you get obsessed with this look in the summers. For the hot summer days, this look is just right. You can feel light and comfy in these. It is perfect for your summer parties and beach days.

The next combination can be pairing the lularoe lola with converse to get the sock hop ready look. Putting these two together takes you back to the 1950s times. So anyone who wants to get a 50s inspired look should definitely go for a lularoe lola.

For one classy broad look, you can pair your lularoe lola with a cardigan. Yes, It looks really pretty and brings together a nice cool look. This look is best for work or even a weekend festival. You can add a pop of colour to your outfit to brighten up your day and feel great. You can go for plain cardigans in any colour and you can also experiment with patterned ones too. Be creative and explore a bit outside your comfort zones!

If you are the ultimate lularoe lover then go ahead and pair your lularoe lola with the lularoe Irma because this equals “Perfection”. You will have a legit love affair with this look. The knotted Irma compliments the flirty Lola and gives you a perfect look for date nights with your loved one or a fun night out at the bar with your girlfriends.

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