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The lularoe pop-up craze is hitting everyone by the storm. Ladies from everywhere are going crazy over these pop-ups and love to go and shop around. Lularoe has a consultancy program which anyone can join and start working with Lularoe as a retailer. The ladies who become lularoe consultants can get the lularoe products and do pop-up sales in and around their neighborhoods. This makes the ladies around in their neighborhood get their hands on the latest items by lularoe and enjoy one of the best clothing at a cheap rate.

The process works like this that the host of the pop-up works alongside a lularoe fashion consultant and sets a date for the pop-up. The ladies in her vicinity, her family, friends, and colleagues are invited to the pop-up. On the set date, a sale is set up at the home of the host with lularoe clothing items in racks and all. The major benefit of this is that the ladies don’t have to go far off and the clothes literally come to them. They can shop all they want in the comfort of a friend’s or neighbor’s home and shop until their hearts are contented.

The drawback with online shopping is that you have to wait for weeks to get your clothes so the ladies prefer to go to these pop-up sales in their vicinity so they can go home with their clothes instantly and also are able to test the fabric and look at the clothing in real while purchasing it. This is also not possible when shopping online. Another advantage is that they don’t have to pay some big shipment charges too.

If you are someone who wants to start a business with lularoe and do your own pop ups then you can apply to become a lularoe consultant. Once you apply you have to wait in the lularoe queue for 6-8 weeks while your application is processed and you are made a consultant. Meanwhile, you can plan to setup your business.

For lularoe pop-ups you would require some supplies like garment racks, hangers, bags, etc. While you wait you can get these supplies so that you can get started straight away. You can get business cards made and design a website or blog through which you can advertise your pop up and gather people. You can get some invitations designed for future use.

You should pen down the strategy which you will take to gather as many people as you can for your pop up sales. Look at some marketing strategies and design one for yourself. Planning is the key to making your events successful. Another thing to do is pre-plan how you will accommodate the people who will come to your pop-ups. What space you will use. Do you have to rent a community center or a hall at a restaurant or you can just do it at your home in your backyard. Think about everything in detail, make plans and be ready to host your first popup as soon as you become a lularoe consultant.

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